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Sunday Worship in the Chapel with a Livestream Option

Worship in the Chapel

We have returned to the Chapel for worship! For safety’s sake, everyone is required to wear a mask that properly covers nose and mouth.

The Session respectfully requests that, for the health of the community, those who attend worship in the Chapel be fully vaccinated. If you are eligible for a vaccine &/or booster, and have not yet taken advantage of that opportunity, we invite you to continue to worship virtually until you have done so.

For safety’s sake, every other pew in the Chapel is kept empty. Please observe social distancing in your seat selection and throughout your time indoors. On Communion Sundays, the sacrament is served in individual portions picked up at the beginning of the service.

With a Livestream Option:

For those who want or need to worship virtually, here’s the link: you are not a member of Facebook, no worries! You can also watch the service live right here on the church website.

The worship services are posted here on the website and on the church Facebook page after the fact and can be viewed at a later time. 

On Communion Sundays, (first Sunday of the month), we invite virtual worshipers  to prepare an area near your viewing screen to represent the Lord’s Table and set the table ahead of time with bread, a beverage, and enough cups for your household.

Fellowship Hour after worship, on hiatus, for now…

For the time being we will not offer a Fellowship Hour after worship. Please check back here from time to time for updates.


Holy Week

“Make a Joyful Choice… for Holy Week!” You are invited to immerse yourself in the experience of accompanying Jesus during the days leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection. Holy Week worship services will take place in the Chapel, with the exception of  the Easter Sunrise Service which is held in the Manse Back Yard Labyrinth, at the intersection of Beech Street and Park Place. All services except the Easter Sunrise Service will be live-streamed for those who want or need to worship remotely.  Log on here: 

Maundy Thursday, April 14, 8:00PM

Take your seat at the table for Jesus’ Last Supper and revisit the events that led him to the foot of the cross. Pastor Ruth’s meditation, “Faith Under Pressure,” will be based on Luke 22:54-62.  The Tenebrae Service of Shadows follows the sacrament of Communion and all depart in silence.

Good Friday, April 15, 8:00PM

On Good Friday we take our stand beneath the cross of Jesus to witness his passion (suffering) and grieve his death. We will listen to his Seven Last Words from the cross. Pastor Ruth’s meditation, “Choosing to Choose,” will be based on Philippians 2:5-8. The service concludes with The Solemn Reproaches of the Cross, an ancient practice that calls to mind God’s saving acts and the human response of rebellion (see Psalm 78). An undercurrent of joy flows through this somber service as we look forward to Easter morning.

Easter Sunrise Service, 6:30AM

Just as the women came to the garden early on the third day, and found the tomb empty, we gather outdoors at the break of day to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. This service is held in the Manse Back Yard Labyrinth (intersection of Beach St. & Park Place). Dress warmly! NOTE: this outdoor service will NOT be live-streamed.

Easter Worship in the Chapel, 10:45AM

Sing Hallelujah to the risen Lord! Easter worship will include the sacrament of Communion with our Risen Lord. Pastor Ruth’s sermon, “Easter and the Choice to Reconsider,” will be based on Luke 24:1-12. The children will reopen the “Hallelujah Jar” during the Children’s Message and we’ll see what happens!