Session: The congregation elects leaders—called elders—to serve for a three-year term on the church’s governing board, called the Session. These elected leaders are ordained to the position, which is modeled after the biblical office of elder (in Greek “presbuteros” from which the term “Presbyterian” derives). The Pastor serves as moderator of the Session. The Clerk of Session is elected annually and keeps a full and accurate record of all proceedings along with numerous other duties and responsibilities.

Deacons: The congregation elects leaders—called deacons—to serve for a three year term in ministries of compassion, witness and service. The position is modeled after the biblical office of “deacon.” Our deacons visit, call and send cards to the elderly, sick and homebound, prepare the Lord’s Supper, maintain an inventory of medical equipment for loan to church and community members, administer emergency funds as needed, as available, and support the pastor in showing care and compassion for those undergoing special difficulties.