COVID-19 Safety Protocols

For the safety of our church staff, congregation and others using our facilities, church leaders have established the following guidelines. As the state of the pandemic changes in the future, some or all of these recommendations may be revised.


  • All groups must inform the church office at the time the space is booked of the estimated number of participants who will be inside the building and what rooms will be used.
  • All groups are encouraged to tell the church office how many adults have received the vaccine and how many have not.
  • Those with symptoms of illness (fevers, aches, cough, sneezing) and underlying health conditions that put them at risk are asked to stay home.
  • Those who are not vaccinated who believe they have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus in the previous 2 weeks must stay home.
  • All groups must put markers on the ground at entry and exit points as well as indoor high traffic areas to indicate safe social distancing.
  • All groups meeting on a low-intensity schedule (defined as no more than once a week for no more than three hours) are not required to test attendees in order to use the building.
  • All other groups using the inside of our buildings must ensure that all attendees who have not been vaccinated have been tested (this includes children). The test must occur within 48 hours of the beginning of the meeting. Groups that meet weekly (for more than three hours) or daily must test weekly. Groups that meet less frequently need to ensure that non-vaccinated attendees are tested before each meeting. All groups must inform the church office IMMEDIATELY if one (1) positive Covid-19 test comes back.  The testing will be done at the group’s expense (for church groups at the church’s expense).  If positive, the group must stop activities for two weeks
  • Indoor gatherings must be limited to state guidelines (currently 25, but could be fewer depending on the space being used and social distancing requirements). Subject to change by the State of New Jersey.


  • For contact tracing purposes, all groups (whether they meet in the building or outside) must keep track of who attends their meetings. Groups are responsible for their own contact tracing but they MUST keep track of attendance. Note that this also means we need to track this for worship. See separate indoor and outdoor worship documents for more on this.
  • Groups meeting indoors (including worship) MUST provide for proper ventilation of meeting space (windows open, fans, etc.).
  • Unless State of New Jersey guidelines change, masks are required to be properly worn at all times (over nose and mouth). Children under the age of 2 are exempt.
  • Attendees must observe existing social-distancing guidelines as specified by the State of New Jersey while onsite as well as before and after the event.
  • Groups MUST notify the church office if anybody attending meetings at the church contracts Covid.


  • Recent CDC guidance informs us that disinfection of surfaces is not a critical concern. Normal cleaning needs to be done regularly, but that is likely sufficient.
  • Church to post signs reminding people to keep social distance and wear masks. The church will also post signs in the bathrooms and kitchens reminding people to wash their hands.
  • Church to print out and prominently display this protocol and procedures document.
  • Church to display pictures of proper mask usage.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations must be positioned throughout the building (this is the responsibility of the church).
  • These policies and procedures be given to every group using our building and also communicated to our congregation.

~adopted by Session, May 19, 2021