Outdoor Worship every Sunday in September!

Worship in the Manse Backyard

Join us for outdoor worship every Sunday during September. (The services will also be live-streamed for those unable to attend in person.) Starting Sunday, Sept. 12, worship will begin at 10:45AM. Please email or call the church office by Thursday of each week to make a reservation. This will help us arrange the worship space ahead of time. Masks are required. During September Pastor Ruth will preach a sermon series, “Outdoors with Jesus,” in keeping with the outdoor atmosphere of the services. Here is the schedule:

Sept. 5     “Field Day with Jesus”     Matthew 12:1-8

Sept. 12     “Picnic with Jesus”     Luke 9:10-17    The Lord’s Supper will be served

Sept. 19     “In the Courtyard with Jesus”  John 8:1-11

Sept. 26     “Beach Day with Jesus” John 21:1-14

All are invited to stay and chat  after worship but we will not serve refreshments and there will be no Virtual Fellowship Hour this month.

The Lord’s Supper, Sept. 12

Communion will be served during worship on Sunday, Sept. 12. If you are worshiping remotely, please prepare bread and a beverage ahead of time and have them ready next to your viewing screen. The elements will be prepared and distributed in a Covid-safe manner to those worshiping together in person.

How to view and participate in worship virtually

Go to Facebook a few minutes before the service begins. (Note: you may need to scroll down the page a bit to find the live video stream.) Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/ChurchontheGreen/.  If you are not a member of Facebook, no worries! You can also watch the service live right here on the church website (although without the “comment” and “share” features).

The worship services are posted here on the website and on the church Facebook page after the fact and can be viewed at a later time.