Sunday Worship in the Chapel 10:45AM with a Livestream Option

Worship in the Chapel

We have returned to the Chapel for worship! Thankfully the  Covid transmission level in Essex County is now LOW. Therefore we have relaxed our mask recommendations.

The Session respectfully requests that, for the health of the community, those who attend worship in the Chapel be fully vaccinated. If you are eligible for a vaccine &/or booster, and have not yet taken advantage of that opportunity, we invite you to continue to worship virtually until you have done so.

With a Livestream Option:

For those who want or need to worship virtually, here’s the link: The worship services are posted on the church Facebook page after the fact and can be viewed at a later time. 

On Communion Sundays, (first Sunday of the month), we invite virtual worshipers  to prepare an area near your viewing screen to represent the Lord’s Table and set the table ahead of time with bread, a beverage, and enough cups for your household.

Fellowship Hour

After a long hiatus due to Covid, we have now resumed offering a Fellowship Hours after worship whenever possible.