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From the Clerk of Session

November, 2009

November 1 is All Saints’ Day - a day to remember the men and women who have been part of our church family and are now at home with God. Seven of our members have joined the Church Triumphant since All Saints’ Day 2008:

  • Charlotte Fulton-12/19/08
  • Martha Salmon-12/20/08
  • Margot Petroff-4/8/09
  • Joan Carvalho-5/2/09
  • Irene Gero-8/2/09
  • Alex “Tom” Allen-10/13/09
  • George Jenkins-10/14/09

It was my privilege to know four of these individuals personally. Charlotte Fulton was my mom. My sister and I are thankful for the years and the love we shared, and for the example she set in living a life of faithful service to her family and to her church. Martha Salmon was my traveling companion on much enjoyed cruises and bus trips for several years. One of her oil paintings hangs in my living room. Tom Allen was a lifelong neighbor who lived up the street. There was always time to wave or chat as he was walking his dogs and I was walking to church or the bus stop. George Jenkins was a lifelong friend through the church. He and my dad knew each other as young people in Westminster Church and the friendship continued through the years and generations. While I did not know Joan Carvalho, Irene Gero or Margot Petroff personally, I do know that many of you did and have special memories of them. In many and various ways, these seven people touched our lives as they lived their faith in service to family, friends, church and community.

On this All Saints’ Day, let us remember that the church is people called by God to love and to serve in His name. And take a moment to thank God for the lives of those who have gone before. As a church family, we are grateful for the time we had together as we look forward to the day when we shall meet again in God’s heavenly kingdom. The old hymn says, “O blest communion, fellowship divine! We feebly struggle, they in glory shine; Yet all are one in Thee, for all are Thine. Alleluia!” To God be all praise. Amen!

See you in church.
Grace and Peace,
Ethelyn L. Fulton, Clerk of Session

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