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From the Clerk of Session

Note: At the May 2008 meeting of Session, Rev. Ken Good announced his resignation as pastor of the Bloomfield Presbyterian Church on the Green. effective Sunday June 22nd. A search is underway for an interim pastor while Session begins the process of forming a Pastor Nominating Committee. During this time of transition our Clerk of Session, Ethelyn Fulton, will provide a monthly message.
December, 2008


I first read the following poem by Presbyterian pastor/writer David Steele in the December, 1994 issue of Presbyterian Survey – “The Magazine for Presbyterians.”

“We place the precious Christmas manger
Upon the mantle, out of danger..
While we like it very much,
We ask the kids to look – don’t touch!

But once I saw on a low table
Mary, Joseph, star, and stable,
The Babe, some sheep, and several kings –
Heavy, sturdy, rough-hewn things.
Here children dawdled, took their ease,
Read the sign: “Come, touch us, please!”
And every child produced a fresh
Arrangement of that Christmas creche…
Each child knew to some degree
Just how that scene was meant to be…

God urges us now to begin
To place ourselves, our kith and kin,
And choose, among the many choices,
Where best we’ll hear those angel voices…
So, friends, with bright and shiny faces,
The King is coming! Take your places!”

As we journey to Christmas in the coming days, my prayer is that each one of us will find our place at the manger – that we may hear the angels’ song, see the brilliant star, feel God’s love, and experience the gifts of grace and peace. The journey to Christmas will be filled with wonder and joy, amazement and love, surprise and contradiction. It will be a journey of faith that brings us face to face with God’s love for each and every one of us. Invite a friend to join you on the journey – and get ready. “The King is coming! Take your places!”

See you in church!

-Ethelyn L. Fulton, Clerk of Session

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